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Research Chemicals

Welcome to Gradedlab!

Gradedlab is a US-based company that has provided research chemicals in most types such as Stimulants, Psychedelics, Sedatives and materials to chemical substance, forensic and laboratory specialists, and are actually well into our second-decade trading. Our company was founded in 2007

Not merely do we source many companies and researchers within the US, we dispatch research chemicals almost worldwide, especially to the Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia the united kingdom and South Africa. However, we do not sell or dispatch any chemicals or other products to countries where these are unlawful or prohibited.

Our logistics, freight forwarding, and handling team has more than 11 years on the market and is truly excellent in the safe and efficient delivery of research chemicals. The last delivery to the client is normally via air freight and courier. It really is due chiefly to this skill that people offer our warranty. 100% of our shipments will clear traditions, or the price will be refunded or your order changed immediately. This assurance extends to any lost, controlled, or missing shipments as well.

We typically ship orders between 24 and 48 hours from receipt of payment, and orders can be expected to arrive 6-13 days after order confirmation. We ship in quantities as little as a single gram, with no reasonable top limit to order size. We will be happy to supply free samples of our research chemicals with any considerable purchase, just tell us what you are interested in.

We offer Research chemicals with 99% purity or better for every chemical we sell. We produce and sell more than 18 tonnes of chemicals every month, and can synthesize nearly any unregistered chemical substance or material on a bespoke basis, in nearly any volume

All of the prices shown on the site will be the normal retail rate. However, certain long-term, high quantity customers can be eligible for our low-cost rates. Just enquire to find out if you qualify.

Lastly, we offer the best customer care on the market, including live, human personnel prepared to help 24/7/365. Please be aware our product list is sometimes updated credited to changes in CN and USA laws.

Once again, we should stress these are research chemicals designed for laboratory use by trained experts, and aren’t fit or designed for human or pet consumption.